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FUNdamentals 15: When can I see results?
Jun 17, 2022 /K18 FUNdamentals, products + routines

FUNdamentals 15: When can I see results?

You know what's fun? When your product works. We'll be breaking down key info + recommendations to help you get the most out of K18. Read More

You've done it, you've applied your K18, so now what? When does that oh-so-satisfying hair transformation kick in? We like to say most users see the best results after 2-3 uses.


But that can vary by hair type and level of condition. Let's dive in. 

what to expect

Remember that hair you had as a kid? Before all that heat styling and damage…did it look strong, soft, smooth, or bouncy? That's what you can expect after 2-3 uses of K18. K18 was engineered to renew hair to a like new state, reinstating hair's core strength + elasticity in the innermost layers. So your hair may or may not look like that viral TikTok transformation you saw.


Say you're killing it using K18 consistently, your results can change based on the type of damage you have. Here's how we like to think about it:


chemically processed hair

4+ bleach and color services per year

You will experience the most dramatic results. Your hair might feel softer, have less breakage + more vibrancy unlike the typical brittle feeling post-service. 


heat damaged hair

heat styling 3x a week

You might experience softer, smoother hair with less noticeable split ends. Your hair might be more manageable and easier to style over time, so you need less heat to get the same results.


never or rarely chemically processed hair

K18 will improve the integrity of your hair, reversing ongoing damage from styling or environmental irritants.

signs of healthy hair

Truth is, healthy hair looks different on every hair + damage type. Not all hair is reflective aka shiny, even when it's healthy. Woah. 


Think of your head of hair as fabric made of tiny hair-like fibers. Healthy hair signs like shine or smoothness won't appear the same on smooth satin vs. a crocheted blanket—even if they're both brand new.

FUNdamentals 15: When can I see results?

Say you have fabric with some wear and tear. The loose threads + holes in the fabric surface (aka perforations in the cuticle) don't reflect as well, so hair looks dull and unhealthy.


How about brand-new fabric made of curly + coily fibers? The surface (aka the cuticle of hair) is more bunched up, so those peaks and valleys don't reflect as much. Even if you straighten it, the shine isn't the same as naturally straight + smooth fabric. They're just built differently…and that's ok! Your healthiest hair is uniquely yours, and we think that's pretty cool.


If you're having trouble seeing the healthy hair you want, try these troubleshooting tips from our PROs.

  • Hair feeling dry, brittle, or crunchy? It might be buildup. Detox pre-K18 for a clean canvas to help our peptide penetrate better.  

  • Towel drying hair 'til damp can be tricky-this sweet spot is when hair isn't dripping water + feels about 65% wet. 

  • Less is more, so don’t overdo the K18 mask. This highly concentrated formula was made to use way less than your traditional hair mask or conditioner. Start with 1 ml, warming it up in your hands to help evenly distribute + use less. Average use is 2 pumps, on the highest end the thickest or most curly–coily hair uses a maximum of 3 pumps*.    

*1 pump of 50ml Mask / 3 pumps of 15ml Mask

Just like going to the gym, your results can look different than someone else doing the same routine. Throw in ongoing damage from pollution, UV rays, hard water, etc.—and you got not-so-healthy hair again. So staying consistent with K18 is key to getting that healthy hair transformation. 


On the plus side—the more damaged the hair, the more dramatic the results. Nice.

See ya soon for more FUNdamentals.

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