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hair freedom for all - engineered with biotech

We are on a mission to liberate expression. To make the impossible possible with the right technology. To build a community of forward thinkers, risk takers, and rabble rousers. To bring fearless innovation forward and push boundaries past where we thought they could go.

we do things differently

Until now, haircare products have fallen into two categories: conditioning treatments that coat hair, bringing superficial hydration and sheen, or repair treatments that work to patch damage like internal glue, offering temporary results. So instead of building our brand on buzzwords and beliefs of the past, we took the radical path of biotech to develop K18 Hair.

we believe:

  • If we understand the biology of hair we can change it
  • The bounce in your hair can put a bounce in your step
  • Youthful hair doesn’t have to be reserved for the youths
  • We are only as strong as our connections
  • Trends are temporary, damage should be too
  • Haircare doesn’t have to be complicated

our impact starts in the salon

Our pro community champions our message in countries across the globe. They are helping us to rewrite the rules on haircare and act as the thought leaders, message enforcers, and influencers behind K18 Hair.

“In my 30 years of using hair care products I have never come across a product as amazing as K18.”


“K18 allows me to go everywhere with my color work and the end result is my guests get to be bright and shiny and healthy."


“I love K18 Hair because it really allows me to push the limits with the bleaching process. By building back my clients’ bonds prior to bleaching, it opens up the possibility of taking coloring a step further with all hair textures and ethnicities.”


“I use what works and K18 is the best on the market. It's a bit gobsmacking really, I didn't believe it when I first saw it, and the clients feel the same."

  • Vegan
    less ingredients
  • Vegan
    less time
  • Vegan
    less fuss
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