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the science behind K18

K18 is a biology-first haircare brand, powered by biotech. Using the power of nature and human biology, K18 unlocks new solutions to the biggest challenges in haircare — all while delivering a healthy canvas for hair expression. K18 creates purposeful products that are simple, effective, and biocompatible. 

our story

Our story began with a decade of complex research into the bioscience of hair, resulting in our patented molecular repair peptide. Through this research and the application of synthetic biology, we are able to do more with less, simplifying formulations and routines to support hair health and expression at home and in the salon.

meet our proprietary biotechnology:


K18PEPTIDE™ repairs hair at a molecular level across multiple types of bonds including polypeptide chains and disulfide bonds to reverse damage from bleach, color, chemical services, and heat*. Developed through biotechnology, the K18PEPTIDE™ is optimized for human biology and uniquely matches and clicks into hair’s keratin structure, reconnecting damage sites at the molecular level, K18PEPTIDE™ delivers durable repair for all hair types, restoring strength and elasticity.

This peptide was designed in accordance with our less-is-more formulation philosophy to simplify and minimize steps in hair routines. This biomimetic molecule laid the foundation for our biology-first approach to haircare and works in just four minutes, with no extra steps, and with results shown from the very first application. For salon use, find it in the K18REPAIR™ service (K18 professional molecular repair hair mask and PRO molecular repair hair mist), and for home use, find it in the molecular repair hair mask and molecular repair hair oil.


K18's newest patented ingredient technology, odorBIND™, revolutionizes what’s possible when targeting and eliminating odors. Using biotechnology and synthetic biology, K18 bioscientists utilized DNA databases to find and mimic the strongest olfactory systems (our sense of smell) found in nature. odorBIND™ harnesses that understanding of nature and biology to uniquely recognize, trap, and eliminate malodors, rendering them undetectable and releasing a subtle fragrance in their place. This smart-release molecule is vegan, cruelty-free, and certified Kosher and Halal. Find it in AirWash™, the reinvention of dry shampoo.

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