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/ damage, hair damage, science

Myth Busting 03: The TRUTH behind hair damage

The D word. That damn damage! It’s the worst. We know, we built a whole company around renewing hair that’s been destroyed by it. It’s not exactly ... Read More
/ contributor-thompson, damage, education, hair damage, Interview

a conversation on damage with Christine Thompson

Christine Thompson, K18 contributor, pro colorist and owner of Spoke & Weal, has honed her craft as a colorist specializing in corrective color... Read More
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what’s your damage? bleaching hair

We know what bleaching hair is. But do we really know much about the damage that comes with it? What does bleach do to your hair? Bleach is essent... Read More
/ damage, hair damage

4 tips to save your hair

Over-processed hair can be a nightmare to manage. Revive strands with the 4 tips below and get back to feeling like you. Read More
/ damage, hair damage

fix it: damaged curly hair

The truth? Curls can be tough to manage. The slightest shift in weather or product use can send curls into a wild frenzy. The root of this often co... Read More
/ damage, hair damage

repair damaged hair

We are big believers that hair looking good does not necessarily translate into hair feeling good. And who wants hair that holds for a photo but is... Read More


Salon Owner

Christine Thompson

As a professional colorist at Spoke & Weal in Los Angeles, Christine specializes in corrective color, color change, and working...


Karl Schmieder

Karl is a biochemist + the CEO of MessagingLab, a company that works with other Scientists to help them tell their...


Heleen Kibbelaar

Heleen holds a bachelor's and master's degree in (physical) chemistry from the University of Amsterdam and Utrecht University in the Netherlands....


Aura Friedman

You name ‘em, Aura has colored their hair. From celebrities like Lady Gaga, magazines like Teen Vogue, and the...


Esther Olu

Esther Olu is an R&D formulation scientist, esthetician, educator, science communicator who is a passionate advocate for dispelling misinformation within the...

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