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liberate your hair
+ the planet

We’ve pushed boundaries in haircare from the very beginning, and that doesn’t stop at your routine. We’re taking a pledge to go further, pushing boundaries in the battle for our planet. This won’t be your run-of-the-mill sustainability conversation—it’s us after all. We want to have a new kind of conversation and it’s through the lens of hair; it’s what we know, it’s what we love, and it’s how we can make a meaningful impact. Let’s get to it.

rewriting the rules on hair care = rewriting the rules on waste

In collaboration with Plastic Bank, we are stopping ocean plastic by contributing to their efforts to build recycling ecosystems. K18 products are Certified Plastic Neutral by Plastic Bank.

about Plastic Bank

Plastic Bank builds ethical recycling ecosystems in coastal communities and reprocesses the materials for reintroduction into the global manufacturing supply chain.
Collectors receive bonuses for the materials they collect, which helps them provide basic necessities such as groceries, cooking fuel, school tuition, and health insurance.
The collected material is reborn as Social Plastic which can be easily reintegrated into products and packaging as part of a closed- loop supply chain.
metric tons of plastic
single-use plastic bottles from reaching the ocean
Plastic Bank x K18 radically simplified K18 waste by stopping:

intentional design

we develop

with an understanding of biology sO all our products work effectively and require less.

we engineer

highly concentrated formulas to rethink the average routine and mitigate overconsumption.

we challenge

the need for more with the question, can we accomplish the same or better results with less?

our philosophies

less is
more for
your hair +
the planet
Damaged hair is resource thirsty hair.
All the things we rely on to make it look and feel better all contribute to waste + energy spent (think harsh chemistry, mechanical manipulation, extreme heat).

By creating healthy hair that needs less, you waste less energy and less resources.
biotech is the path forward to a more sustainable future
Cosmetic chemistry + traditional product development processes are resource heavy. Moving toward a world that can more heavily rely on biotech production will reduce waste and demand on an already-taxed supply chain.
Authenticity over buzzwords + fads
We’re not interested in being trendy, we’re interested in being better. Our goal is simple: Maximize expression, minimize damage to hair + the planet

We believe it is our duty to work toward actively operating in a more responsible way within the haircare industry, the beauty space, and the world

We believe in being open about what we can do and what we can’t. It is our mission to find our unique voice in the sustainability conversation. Where we are today is only a stepping stone, and that‘s our promise.
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