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We’re a biology-first brand breaking the rules on haircare. Beloved by the PRO stylist community and at-home users in 100+ countries, with 20+ billion TikTok views and 25+ prestigious awards, our growing lineup of intentional, biotech-backed haircare is all about unlocking next-level expression for all.

our mission

We believe hair is everything. It’s a canvas for confidence. It’s a conduit for art. It fuels our identity. We are on a mission to liberate you from the constraints of modern haircare and empower you with science to unlock a fearlessness in self-expression that wasn’t possible without damage...until now

our company culture

We don't have an open book, we are rewriting the book as we go. Together. All key business decisions and changers are communicated to our team regularly. We trust everyone on this mission with the information and decisions needed to benefit our entire business.

We never stop raising expectations. We never stop questioning. Wen ever stop, period. We push ourselves to grow and innovate as we constantly look toward the next big, unexpected thing. Plus, we we're hair freaks, obsessed with immersing ourselves in the world, the routines, and the business of rewriting haircare. We work in dog years and every second matters.

We don't conform. Everything we do, we do because we believe in it. If we don't love something, we won't do it. Ever.

We exist to lift our community. We are about our people: internally, externally, and around the globe. We want our people to be as excited about this haircare crusade as we are and to us, the real success is seeing our community have an idea, hair-changing, or life-changing experience with one of our products.

We don't focus on what's broken–we focus on how we can fix it and we come up with a game plan. We create a positive, uplifting space where anything is possible, because as we've learned with science, the right attention to detail, grit and a rebellions attitude, we can make the seemingly impossible possible.

“It is said that it takes a whole orchestra to play a symphony, and that's true at K18." -Suveen Sahib, Co-founder and CEO of K18

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