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We C You 01: Curly-coily chats with Alifia

Seeing someone that looks like you is so powerful.


But what’s even more power is the silent absence of never seeing yourself in anything associated with beauty.

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As a black woman with curly-coily hair, I know what it is like to search a magazine for a hair type like my own. To feel a part of something. I want to belong but sometimes I wonder should I just blend in? I have constantly fought against the choice of embracing those curls or keeping my hair “tamed” enough to blend in.

This space isn’t for that. This space is for allowing coils to stand out, take up space, and experience their full glory. This is a space for you to talk, learn, ask questions, and be unapologetically natural.

 x Alifia, Curly-Coily Expert + K18 Educator

We C You 01: Curly-coily chats with Alifia

To kick this off, I want to address a question I’ve gotten from a lot of you. A question we so often have to ask when we see another brand launch another new product: but does it work for my hair? My 3c-4c hair? Yes. K18 does.

Did you know hair on the molecular level is identical? So, while you’ve grown to understand your 3c-4c hair type puts you into a group that some products don’t cater to, this product breaks down those boundaries by working at the inner-most layer of hair.

Here’s the deal, products like conditioners, oils, and butters coat the cuticle layer of hair, which can weigh your curls down—and believe it or not still leave your coils dehydrated.

We C You 01: Curly-coily chats with Alifia

K18 works at the inner-most layer of hair, the polypeptide chains which live inside the cortex and operate the same no matter what hair type you have. It also addresses holistic hair health which is crucial for curly-coily hair that has been through stress and is experiencing a damaged curl pattern. By focusing on the units responsible for hair’s core strength and elasticity, healthy hair can be renewed in 4 minutes to give you that bounce back.

Just wanted you to hear it from someone who gets it—we got you.

Check back for more curly-coily chats, we’re going all the way.

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