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molecular repair hair oil

Biotech breakthrough oil fights frizz differently by addressing frizz immediately + long term

immediate results
• smooths flyaways
• adds shine
• reduces split ends

long-term results
• molecular repair reverses frizz-causing damage

why the experts are using + loving it

PRO stylists Eric Vaughn + Carly Zanoni recommend the oil to every client. See why.

how it works

This oil harnesses our biotech-developed K18PEPTIDE™ to reverse the damage that causes frizz long-term. See how.

molecular repair

hair oil vs. mask

Do you use one over the other? Both? Glad you asked! Both are meant to be used at different parts of the routine but were created to work together for maximum impact.
molecular repair oil
what it is: weightless, silicone-free hair oil

what it does: reverses damage that causes frizz long-term while immediately smoothing flyaways, adding shine, and reducing split ends

when to use: on damp or dry hair throughout styling
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molecular repair mask
what it is: leave-in treatment

what it does: reverses hair damage in 4 minutes for lasting + progressive results

when to use: after shampoo, on damp, towel-dried hair before styling
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got questions?

Get started here.

can i use the molecular repair hair oil instead of the mask?

We recommend using the oil with the mask for maximum molecular repair with additional styling benefits. Think of the mask as a damage repair treatment after washing your hair. The oil is for smoothing, styling and strengthening after the mask, and can be used on damp and dry hair.

Does the molecular repair hair oil provide heat protection?

Yes, this oil provides heat protection up to 450°F/232°C.

Will the molecular repair hair oil leave buildup or weigh down my hair?

No, it will not leave buildup or weigh down your hair. This weightless oil is powered by intentional ingredients to reduce frizz-causing damage on the molecular level inside the hair fiber, while natural oils work on the surface of hair without weighing it down. Plus, you don’t need much of this highly concentrated formula to see results, just use 1-3 drops and build as needed. If you’re concerned about buildup, use our detox shampoo to remove 99% of product buildup after just 1 wash*.

Will the mask block the molecular repair hair oil from penetrating?

No, the mask will not block the molecular repair hair oil from penetrating. The mask is a highly concentrated treatment without any fillers so it won’t block the oil from penetrating. Like layering different skincare products, the oil can be layered on top of the mask without impacting its performance

Can I mix the oil and mask together?

Instead of mixing the oil and mask together, get the most effective repair and styling benefits by using the mask first, waiting 4 minutes, and then applying the oil.
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