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K18 Hair Scholarship Fund


12 scholarships

12 students ready to shake up haircare


Applications must be received by December 21, 2022.

the details

At K18, we’re on a mission to rewrite the rules on haircare. When talking about who our products are for, we lead with the statement ALL HAIR TYPES, ALL GENERATIONS, ALL TYPES OF EXPRESSION. This is because we know hair (and people) on a molecular level are all the same and all deserve to be celebrated. That’s why we want to build our rallying cry with the voices of all kinds of hair innovators.

When we first launched our THE FUTURE ARTIST SCHOLARSHIP FUND, last year, we were dedicated to supporting the next generation of BIPOC stylists with the funds needed to kickstart their education. But then we got to thinking, what about those people ready to take it to the next level? Those in the industry who don't have access to continued education or special-skill learning?

This time we're opening it up to ALL kinds of haircare rebels from first-time students to OG stylists to ensure the industry's brightest BIPOC minds have access to the education they need to fuel their freedom of expression.

Supported by the Professional Beauty Association, 2 future artists will receive $5K to kickstart their education + 10 licensed stylists will receive $1K to continue their education.

Ready to fuel your future? All you have to do is apply.

our goal

As challengers of our industry’s status quo, and purveyors of our haircare crusade, we believe it is our duty to champion a diverse array of thought and creativity. With this scholarship fund, we hope to take the first steps toward creating room for all hair innovators to have a voice in the next era of haircare.

This program isa K18-created, PBA-supported hair education scholarship to champion artists in their hair journey.

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