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K18PEPTIDE™: It Starts with Science

K18 Peptide technology for hair was developed by a group of researchers led by Prof. Artur Cavaco-Paulo at the Centre of Biological Engineering, University of Minho, and Solfarcos Technologies, which is the subject of one or more patents or patent applications in the United States and overseas.  

Learn about The Hair Repair and Biommimetic Science Behind K18 directly from our co-founder, Suveen Sahib.

Selected Publications: 

  1. Molecular modeling of hair keratin/peptide complex: Using MM‐PBSA calculations to describe experimental binding results, Proteins, 2012, 5, 1409-1417
  2. Insights on the mechanical behavior of keratin fibrils, International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 2016, 89, 477-483
  3. Changing the Shape of Hair with Keratin Peptides, RSC, Adv., 2017, 7, 51581-51592
  4. Peptide- protein interactions within human hair keratins , International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 2017, 101 805-814


K18 hair products may be covered by various international patents and applications as well as the following US patent and patent applications:

Associated Patents/Applications

US Pat. No. 11,642,298

US Pat. App. No. 18/497,900

US Pat. App. No. 18/334,287

US Pat. App. No. 18/194,372

US Pat. App. No. 18/339,889

US Pat. App. No. 18/339,927

US Pat. App. No. 18/478,320

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