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K18 molecular repair reverses hair damage in just 4 minutes.

backed by science, loved by stylists

Our community of stylists and colorists in 33 countries believe K18 is liberating hair—no matter the hair type or generation.

“Oh my gosh—my hair feels so awesome. I can’t stop putting my hands through it...I have had a terrible relationship up until recently with my hair, I have to admit. Growing up, I had frizzy hair, I have hair that curls but doesn’t curl well, and so it’s hard for me to like my hair. And I have to say, right now—I LOVE my hair.”

- Diane, K18 with color
“K18 allows me to go everywhere I want to go with my color work and the end result is my guests get to be bright and shiny and healthy.”
– Christine Thompson, Director of Color at Spoke & Weal
"What I've found with K18 whether I'm using the MIST or the MASK, is that I can get that hair to do exactly what I want, it has the strength and integrity that I'm looking for, and it looks AND feels amazing which to me is a gamechanger."
- Jon Reyman, Founder Spoke & Weal

get inside the world of hair

Traveling into the inner-most layers of hair to reach the core polypeptide chains (keratin chains), our revolutionary K18PEPTIDE™ is just the right size and makeup to fit in and reconnect broken chains.
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    dermatologically tested

the K18PEPTIDE™ molecular repair treatment

leave-in molecular repair hair mask

This at-home leave-in treatment infused with our patented K18Peptide™ repairs even the most extreme damage. Just one application renews hair to its most youthful, healthy state.
"I used it for a month and couldn't believe the results after ONE use—my hair not only looked healthier, it felt like SILK, no joke."
— Carly Cardellino, Beauty Editor
“K18 Hair is a gamechanger for the hair industry [...] it is the first time I have ever seen a product truly heal hair."
— Sally Hershberger, Salon Owner & Celebrity Stylist
"In my 30 years of using hair products I have never come across a product as amazing as K18."
— Jack Martin, Hair Colorist
"I love K18 Hair because it really allows me to push the limits with the bleaching process."
— Aura Friedman, Master Hair Colorist
"K18 is the future of hair repair."
— Jon Reyman, Hair Stylist, Salon Owner, and Educator

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