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K18 FUNdamentals #22 – why chelate?

K18 FUNdamentals #22 – why chelate?

You know what's fun? When your product works. We'll be breaking down key info + recommendations to help you get the most out of K18.


We’re no strangers to buildup and how it gets in the way of your healthiest self-expression. The toughest of them all? Metal + mineral buildup from your water. Good news, your stylist can tackle the most extreme metals + minerals with our PRO chelating hair complex at your next salon appointment. And it works in just 4 minutes.


Let’s break it down.

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damaging metals + minerals 

When you wash your hair, the water often has some level of trace metals + minerals in it—depending on where you live this can range from low levels to extremely high. And you probably guessed it—these metals + minerals can have negative impacts on hair health.

Metals + minerals can dull your color, weigh down your hair, and mess with your product performance, and salon services. Especially if you have previously damaged or chemically-serviced hair—which is a lot of us.

You can spot the signs of metal + mineral buildup by noticing if your hair looks dull, discolored or hazy, and feels rough, dry, and brittle. Another clue is if your haircare isn’t working as it should. This could be metal + mineral buildup blocking your products (like K18) and services you get in the salon from doing what they need to do.

We know you’re curious, so here’re what the most common metals + minerals are doing inside your hair, right now.


Psst…the K18 PRO chelating hair complex removes these, but more on that later.

K18 FUNdamentals #22 – why chelate?

They may look pretty, but these metals + minerals create unwanted reactions with other chemicals used in the salon. This can leave some not-so-nice surprises behind like uneven color or in the most extreme cases hair disintegration. Yikes.  


the fix 

We wouldn’t tell you all this without coming with a solution. Maybe you’ve heard of demineralizing (see how mineral is in the name), or not heard of it at all. We don’t blame you, the typical 15–60 minute wait time and extra trip to the shampoo bowl make removing metals + minerals a hassle for you, and your stylist so demineralizing isn’t as common as say, a blowout. Our mission is to change all that.


We engineered a spray-on formula powered by a cocktail of 5 chelators that bind metal ions by forming a molecular cage around them, securing + trapping them to easily rinse away from your hair (so you avoid those nasty reactions and damage like we mentioned earlier).


Here’s a closer look into how they work in our PRO chelating hair complex.

This in-salon refresh is clinically proven to reduce 7 common metals and minerals (yeah, the ones we mentioned earlier) in just 4 minutes*. Our proprietary cocktail of 5 chelators and an antioxidant peptide act like a magnet to attract and neutralize metals + minerals—delivering double the protection against reactive damage. And we made it an easy 4-minute spray format so there’s no long wait in the chair, no extra trip to the shampoo bowl, and no surprises during your appointment.

The results? Your most vibrant, soft, and bouncy hair, no matter how hard your water is. Remember, clean hair is healthy hair—and makes the perfect canvas for better product and service results (like K18), and maximum self-expression. To get this refresh, find a salon or stylist near you here and ask to add the K18 PRO chelating hair complex to your next appointment.

What about in-between appointments? Our PEPTIDE PREP™ detox shampoo removes 76% copper* with just one wash and is effective at cleaning in water with other types of metals. It’s what PROs trust and use after the chelating complex in the salon and it works just as well at-home in your shower.  Coupled with a hard water shower filter + our leave-in repair mask, you can holistically address the effects of metals + minerals for your cleanest, healthiest hair.


See ya soon for more FUNdamentals.


*results observed on bleached hair tress with hard water buildup after 4-minute application of chelating complex

**results observed on bleached hair tress after 1 wash with detox shampoo.

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